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Membership Process

Want to join the club?

Joining is easy, here are a few steps to follow:

  1. Be invited to participate in a club function or ride by one of our members, but if you don’t know any of our members you can come up and introduce yourself to one of our members when you see any of them out riding or at any of the many club functions
  2. Check our Facebook Events on the Home Page of this site or on our actual Facebook page [located here] for weekly Meet & Greets, public open rides, fund raising events, or other types of club functions. You are considered a "Hang Around" at this point.
  3. Try and get to know as many of the members as you can and align yourself with a member to act as your Sponsor/Mentor. Our Sponsors/Mentors will inform you about our riding styles, recommended practices, and keep you informed about our Club's functions

Once you decide that you would like to move forward with joining the club and your Sponsor/Mentor is confortable with vouching for you and being responsible for their sponsorship and menoring duties, the Sponsor/Mentor will contact the Club Officers

Your Sponsor/Mentor will file a request to the Club Officers to officially begin your  "Prospect" status

Once your "Prospect" status has been approved by the officers, they will present you to the club for their approval.

If the club approves, you must remain in good standing for a minimum of 90 days

Once your notified of the decision by the officers that your "Prospect" status has bene approved, you are now ready to:

  • pay your initial membership dues,
  • receive your initial Prospect patches, and
  • be granted access to our Members Only sections of our website and chat forums on a mobile application 
  • The Prospecting phase will take as long as neccessary for our Membership and the Offices to get to know you and you to get to know our Members.

You will be assigned a specific Sponsor/Mentor at this time and it is their responsibility to continue your education about our club and the responsibilities of being a member of the greater MC Community.  

You have to always remember that putting one of our patches on your back that you in fact representing our MC and all that it stands for, 

Take some time and read some reference materials easily found in the internet or buy a copy and read the Prospec's Bible. It can be found on Amazon at this [link]

Once your Sponsor/Mentor feels that you are in fact ready for the next step, they will present you to the Officer of Club for review. If the Offercers are in alignment, you will be presented to our full MC membership for a club vote.

If affirmed by the MC membership, you will then receive your remaining patches and become a Full Patch Member.

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Aspects of our Riding Club

  • We are serious riders
  • We are a Motorcycle Club
  • We are not territorial
  • Male and Female riders
  • Riders of every ethnicity
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