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Vespa Launches Anniversary Editions for Primavera, Yacht Club and Notte

Stories Of Working Inside The Motorcycle Industry

Stories Of Working Inside The Motorcycle Industry

Court Butler, founder of Butler Maps with bike and map in snow.

Choose a job you love, the saying goes, and you’ll never work a day in your life

If money allows you to have things, and time allows you to do things, a career in motorcycles represents the ultimate life hack.
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Fullmoon Customs Hot Bike Tour Road King

Fullmoon Customs Hot Bike Tour Road King

Fullmoon Customs’ 2017 Road King in garage.

Matt Frick’s hog drops 222 pounds

As a 2017 Road King it rolled fat, but it’s down to 660 pounds because while you can take the racer off the track, you can’t take the track out of the racer.
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LEFT AND FAST – Triumph Bonneville Super Hooligan

Inspiration can come at any time. But when you’re thinking of building a Super Hooligan flat tracker, there’s probably no better place to be than at a Hooligan race. Last October, flat track racing-obsessed rider Paul Hartman was watching the RSD Super Hooligans Moto Beach Classic from the side lines, dreaming up his next build. “I had just wrecked my Harley race bike the weekend before at a hill climb event,” says Paul. “I knew I would be building a new bike over the winter, but wasn’t quite sure what direction yet.” So Paul sat back and soaked himself in the day of racing, looking at all the bikes, and by the end of the day he had planned his whole next project in his head.

The most common motorcycle of choice in Hooligan racing is the Harley-Davidson Sportster. They are easy to come by and easy to give the flat track makeover. “They are the OG of Hooligan racing,” says Paul. “But to me, I thought they are so damn heavy! The rake is bad at 30 degrees and they have a 60″ wheelbase.”

When it comes to building a bike that meets the rules of Super Hooligan racing, it is pretty straightforward. Your bike must be a stock production frame originating with a 750cc or larger engine. “Aside from that, you can do just about anything you want. So with that in mind, I started thinking about different bikes.” Paul began to study the specifications of just about every possible bike that would be eligible for the series and discovered that the Triumph Bonneville had some of the best numbers and dimensions. “It’s got a 27-degree rake, 59″ wheelbase, a parallel 865cc engine that makes good power, and most importantly, its only 451 lbs stock!”

Three days later and Paul h

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Best Custom Bikes From The 2019 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

Best Custom Bikes From The 2019 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

Bike at the 2019 Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

Some choice bikes from this year’s show in Austin

The Handbuilt Show had some incredible exhibits in 2019. We pick some of our favorites.
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Riding 1000 Miles On A BMW R100

Riding 1000 Miles On A BMW R100

BMW R100

Chasing the 1,000-mile day on an old airhead

"I wasn’t gunning for a paper with my name on it or a patch on my coat. I wanted 1,000 miles under me in one long day because I needed to know we could do it."…
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